Shrink hoods for pallets

The shrink hood for pallets manufactured by Plásticos Reca is a reference solution for pallet wraps in the market.

It consists of a coil tube for automatic palletisation processes and shrinking, high in strength with UV and antistatic treatments.

Shrink Hood (Tubo elástico)

Shrink hoods advantages

  • Wide variety of widths and thicknesses
  • Highly resistant to tears and punctures
  • Gripping strength according to needs
  • Technical advice during the project

Technical specifications

  • Antistatic treatment
  • Anti-UV treatment
  • Printable
  • High strength
film para embalar pallets Shrink Hood
plastico para envolver palets - tubo paletizador retractil
plastico para embalar palets - Plásticos Reca

Stretch Hood

Stretch hoods for palletisation with excellent mechanical and optical properties in a wide range of formats.

 The stretch hood is a great technological advance in solutions for wrapping pallets. It does not require a heat source, a great advantage for all our customers. 


Adaptable to a wide variety of machines.

Stretch Hood (Tubo extensible)

Stretch hood advantages

When working with a circumference smaller than the load, constant horizontal and vertical tension is achieved to hold the goods compactly without damaging the product.

The film can overlap the bottom of pallet for tight cargo/pallet cohesion that avoids damage resulting from problems of stability during storage and transport.

The cargo is protected from water and dust, including during long periods of exterior storage.

Thanks to the film’s transparency, labels and bar codes under the wrap can be read, so that they do not deteriorate or disappear.

The optical properties of the wraps regarding shine and transparency, together with the absence of folds and holes, guarantee an excellent presentation that allows the cargo to be perfectly visible.

Since no heat need be applied, the properties of the product are not altered nor is there any danger of the film sticking to it.

The potential risk posed by a gas installation is avoided.

Shrinkwrap is an economical packaging system given that it works with a film circumference smaller than the cargo, thereby reducing the use of plastic.

We manufacture formats for a wide range of pallets.

​Pallet cover films

For covering the upper part of pallets manually or with an automatic machine.