Our production technology

The production process is carried out with modern, versatile equipment that allows both high-capacity output and high quality.


The extrusion equipment incorporates the most advanced technology available to guarantee the quality of the process:

  • Automatic proportioning of raw materials.
  • Mono-extrusion and co-extrusion.
  • Automatic control of thicknesses.
  • Ionic antistatic agents.

As a result of this technology and the use of the best raw materials, PLÁSTICOS RECA produces very homogeneous films, with uniform slidability and thicknesses, good optical and mechanical properties, and without static electricity problems or blockage.


We have flexographic printing equipment to meet different market demands.

Printable products include automatic packaging and shrink laminates.

We can produce prints up to 2,700 mm in width.

We offer the possibility of printing on all the products we make: covers, shrink film, shrink hoods, automatic packaging film…

Welding and cutting

The welding and cutting equipment allows the production of a diverse range of products: bags, sacks, pallet covers, precut pallet covers, seat bags, laminates, etc.