Vertical packaging film

Perfect for high-speed machines.

Very good optical properties, excellent shine and transparency. Great mechanical strength.

High-quality printing.

Films envasado vertical

Vertical packaging film applications

  • Ice
  • Dairy products
  • Vegetables
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Organic compost (gardening)
  • Gravel for gardening
Film envasado vertical

Vertical packaging for food industry

Film envasado automático-lámina para envasado de hielo

Material of high weldability, shine and strength at minimal thicknesses for optimal packaging, readily available in three or five layers with high-quality printing.

Thin PE films produced in a five-layer extruder, with barrier properties that protect and preserve products better, lengthening their shelf life.

Films with anti-condensation properties to avoid the formation of water droplets, making the product more visible and attractive.

Films for all types of products and breathing rates.